Thursday, December 30, 2004

No More Mice!

Today Charlie spent the day at the vet's.

It started so innocently. Jessie was on the bed with her catnip mouse. It's a fluffier clone of Pouncer's (the one Charlie took over) and blue and Jessie loves it! Loved it, that is.

The mouse

Anyway, Charlie came in and ran over to see Jessie. Remembering the mouse, I headed over for a rescue - but the mouse was already gone!

Charlie had it and was going to town with it. I tried to get him to drop it, but the more I tried, the harder he worked to keep it away from me. He was careful not to let any little bit hang out of his mouth for me to grab, so I started working on his jaws. He nipped me and I let go, thinking I'd get a better angle on the mouse anyway. He'd surely have to adjust it in his mouth and then I'd have it.

I had him pinned and was going in for the mouse regardless of teeth when, gulp, he swallowed it! Swallowed it!! Down the hatch! I couldn't believe it, but I felt the lump in his throat momentarily. I got his mouth open and reached in, but there was nothing but tongue and teeth. I stuck my fingers down his throat, but to no avail.

So off to the vet we rushed. With Charlie and the mouse clone. Dr. O couldn't believe it, "Are you sure he ate it?" He smiled and shook his head, "Better leave him here; this could take a while." Within a half hour, they had gotten him to throw it up. Then they kept him until 3 to make sure he was ok. As usual, I think they just wanted to pet and play with him more.

At 3 pm we retrieved Charlie and mouse.

The mouse - after

"He's just fine. He's been back there barking his head off all day," Dr. O said. And he was fine. But Jessie needs a new mouse. And she's not going to get one until Charlie can be trusted not to eat it. And Pouncer's ex-mouse - that's history too; confiscated for the foreseeable future. Maybe 2010.

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