Friday, November 25, 2011

Treat Catcher

There is a game we play with Charlie, called "Treat Catching". He learned it as a puppy, and over the years has become a very accomplished player.

Puppy Charlie catching treats

You take a small treat in hand and, holding it shoulder-high so Charlie can see it, swing back once... twice... On the count of two, point it towards his face and let go. Occasionally it may bounce off a tooth, but more often than not, the treat will disappear into Charlie's gaping mouth, almost like it was sucked in by a gravitational force.

Adult Charlie catching treats.

The mailman also plays Treat Catch with Charlie almost every day. Since the game ends when he misses, Charlie is very very focused. He's up to 12 consecutive catches and it's only a matter of time until he hits 13.


Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Get Ready for the Holidays!

Hey everypup,

If you belong to Dogs with Blogs, don't forget to sign up for this year's card exchange and calendar. The November 15 deadline is rapidly approaching!

And if you're not a member of Dogs with Blogs yet, then sign up and become one! It's free and lots of fun -- a labor of love, not money. You'll meet other people around the world who love their dogs and like to write about them too.

Charlie says "Put down that book and do it today!"


Saturday, November 05, 2011

Another Fun Trip to ... Hey!

"Let's go for a walk!"

"Hmmm... Tank and Thunder were here..."


"What a nice walk."

"Uh, Mom, I think we took a wrong turn..."

Charlie had been itching and scratching recently, so having made an appointment, I steered our walk over to the V E T.

Charlie is greeted by Jonathan in the waiting room.

Although they're unfailingly nice, Charlie usually freaks out a little at the vet's -- he shakes and shivers and tries to climb into my lap.

Seeing other dogs.

This time Charlie didn't act nervous at all! He watched all the other animals, solicited petting from all the people, and did not refuse to go into "the room". Perhaps I wore him out on the walk over... or maybe he remembers the peanut butter they've fed him the last few times they've clipped his nails?

Meeting little people.


In the exam room, Charlie's lack of nervousness continued. As a true measure of his calm... he squinted for Dr. Tokar! Charlie doesn't do that for just anyone -- only for people he's really really happy to see.

Saying "Hi" to Leah

Squinting for Dr. Tokar

Once the exam was complete, it was time for the peanut butter a nail trim. He went in the back without a struggle -- another big first! I snuck back to see how it was going, and everything looked copacetic.

Waiting patiently.

Peanut butter is better when shared with a friend!

Afterwards, the tech that brought him back apologized, saying "I think we got it all wiped off his face, but he may smell a little like peanut butter..." Charlie was ready to leave, but I'm hopeful that he'll be happy to go back again, too!

"Let's go home!"

p.s. Charlie has seasonal allergies, and they gave him some medication that's made him much more comfortable.