Wednesday, February 28, 2007

And the winners are...

Charlie and Gabbie didn't win any FIDOs on Sunday, but they did come in second against some pretty stiff competition! Here are the winning videos:
   Funniest Video - Classic Tug of War - by Joey & Tanner
   Cutest Video - Zoomies - by Charlie & Opy

Video of the Year honors went to Pappy for Do They Know It's Christmas. And while we haven't linked you to all eight categories & winners, you can see them over here at Dogs with Blogs.

Play bows and best wishes to these and all of the FIDO winners. We look forward to wrestling with you again next year!!

Monday, February 19, 2007


Two of Charlie and Gabbie's videos are up for awards at Dogs with Blogs. They are:
   "Tug of War - Frisbee Style" by Li'l Charlie & Gabbie (watch here) for Funniest video (log in and vote)
   "Dances with Wolves" by Li'l Charlie (watch here) for Cutest video (log in and vote here)

But, whether you vote for (Li'l) Charlie and Gabbie or someone else, all the contenders are worth watching!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!

Consider yourself smooshed and snuzzled!

     - love, Charlie


Sunday, February 11, 2007


smoosh [ smŏŏsh ] verb (past and past participle smooshed, present participle smoosh·ing, 3rd person present singular smoosh·es)
1. transitive and intransitive verb push one's nose into another's face: to push one's cold wet nose into the face of a human being
· Charlie smooshed me · I've been smooshed
2. transitive and intransitive verb push one's nose at a small animal: to push one's nose into the back or side or stomach of a small animal (often a cat)
· Oh look, Charlie's smooshing Jessie; make him stop!
Jessie, about to receive a Christmas smooshing

snuz·zle [ snŭz'l ] transitive and intransitive verb (past and past participle snuz·zled, present participle snuz·zling, 3rd person present singular snuz·zles)
a Charlie kiss: to smoosh and lick someone in and around the face (often accompanied by sneezing at close quarters)
· Oooh, I'm being snuzzled, real darn good!

Sunday, February 04, 2007


Charlie was born in Indiana and I grew up in Indianapolis, so to have the Indianapolis Colts playing in the SuperBowl today was really special! And to play against neighboring Chicago (the Bears)... excellent!! It's been decades since either team did so well, so we're happy for both of them, but we do have a soft spot for the Colts.

First we got our snacks together, because what's SuperBowl without some chips?

At opening kickoff, when the rival Chicago Bears immediately scored a touchdown, it looked like we were in really big trouble!

First quarter: "Oh, woe is us! The Colts look terrible. Freda and Wally (who are Bears fans) are probably pretty happy about now, though...

Then the game turned in the Colt's favor. "Mom? Can this be happenin? Suddenly we're not lookin' so bad..."

Yippeee!! An interception and a touchdown!!!

"Ok, Mom, our little horses won; they beat those big bad bears! Now let us play some ball!"

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Charlie Antics

Why is there never a camera nearby when you really need one?

Yesterday Charlie and I were working in the backyard when the zoomies hit. You know, the tuck-tail, crazed-eyes, dash-around-the-yard ZOOMIES! So we took a break and zoomed. Or, more accurately, Charlie zoomed and I encouraged him, clapping and chasing.

Charlie has an old fabric frisbee that he and Gabbie tore the middle out of this summer. It's really more of a ring now, but it still sails fine, and Charlie loves to chase it. Well, I picked up his ring and sailed it, and Charlie zoomed after it. He grabbed it in his mouth, turned to start to run, and almost (but not quite) tripped -- he had put his paw in the middle of the ring, and, as it was caught on his forearm, he couldn't get that paw to ground without letting go of the ring. Which he wasn't going to do. He wouldn't let go and he wouldn't give up trying to run with it, either!

I finally rescued him, but not before I'd laughed myself silly. Just wish I'd had a camera!