Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Howdy Neighbor!

Yesterday Charlie began making friends with his neighbor, Cassie, a 4-month-old black lab.

Last time they met (about a month ago) Cassie was afraid and hid behind her people. Not anymore, though...

Even though Charlie grrrrrd and lunged at her in greeting, producing a puppy yelp heard for miles, she came right back at him, ready to play. They were good together, with Cassie obviously interested in romping and Charlie patient and kind of curious.

"Here, let me show you the pee-mail ropes, kid."

"Can I sniff you too?"

I hope they'll be good friends and play together.

Gabbie, his long-time best friend, now mostly ignores him; their back yard play dates are now few and far between, having devolved into a mix of our chasing Charlie and trying to keep Gabbie from digging holes and eating dirt.

I expect Cassie, with her playful puppy exuberance, to change all that. Anyway, I hope we'll find out soon...!