Monday, April 30, 2007

What a great Pawty!

Charlie had a great time meeting and chatting with everyone at the Dogs with Blogs whine and cheese pawty this weekend!
Now he's crashed out on the floor, thinking about how much fun it was to meet everyone... and when's the next cheese installment coming...?

Monday, April 23, 2007

Did Charlie have a good day or what...?!

Last night Charlie sent an email. This morning he had an answer:

"Woo, this is cool. I have never received any mail before. I will ask my mom and have her call your mom.
- Gabgab"

This afternoon, Charlie's dreams came true -- Gabbie came over to play!!

They ran. They jumped. They growled. They ate grass and chewed sticks. They roughhoused, too. They did all the fun friend things that make for a great play date!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Red Rover, Red Rover, Send Gabbie Right Over!

Almost a year ago, Charlie met Gabbie. While Charlie's not always friendly with other dogs, he took to Gabbie right away, and she quickly became his best bud.

Over the year, Gabbie's grown and changed so much -- from a little (if you can call it that) puppy to an adult dog! And her relationship with Charlie has gradually changed, too. Whereas Charlie was the boss to begin with, as Gabbie has matured, she's become the dog calling the shots. Still, Charlie loves her and is never happier than when they're playing together.

So Charlie's very disappointed that, between the rain and Mom's "flower protection program" ;), he hasn't gotten to play with Gabbie for way too long! And, since this coming week Gabbie is going to have spay surgery, she won't be able to roughhouse with him for awhile longer.

If the weather cooperates, since the tulips are about gone, maybe they'll get to play together on Monday or Tuesday. And if not, we wish Gabbie the best of luck with her operation and hope to see her real soon! WOOF!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Grey Day

On this grey showery Portland day, Charlie's parked himself by the glass door in my office, where he'll stay as long as I do.

From here, on the 2nd floor, he can see what's happening on the streets and sidewalks below -- and we can tell who's passing by, based on what we hear...
  • grrrrr... - a person (perhaps with dog), a block away
  • grrrrr... Grrrr... GRRRRR... - person (perhaps with dog), coming closer
  • Woof! WOOF! - bicycle going by
  • grrr... GRRRR... WOOFFFFWOOFFgrrrrrWOOFFWOOFFwhineWOOFFWOOFFwhineWOOFF - dog sighted or skateboard passing
  • WOOFWOOFWOOF,gack,gack,grrrrWOOFWOOFWOOF,gack,GRRRWWWOOOOOFWOOFWOOFWOOF,gack,gack,grrrrWOOFWOOFWOOF! - The Mailman! Will he have a treat?

  • Hope it dries up soon so we can do a little lawn-mowing or else Charlie won't be tiptoing though the tulips, he'll have to wade through the grass.

    Monday, April 02, 2007

    Tiptoe through the tulips

    Spring has sprung

    And winter's went

    I wonder why

    Mom's tulip's bent...?

    Happy Easter!

    Why We Blog

    Ok, Sherman, since you asked :), here are 5 reasons we blog:

    5. To keep Aunt Karen and Charlie's birth family up-to-date with what's going on. That's why we started blogging.
    4. To keep track of Charlie's development and all the quirky things he does. It doesn't take very long to forget...
    3. Because it's fun to tell stories. Some of them are even true! ;)
    2. It's comforting to be around others who would also consider Charlie a buddy and not an "animal impediment." Sigh...
    1. Because the community of dog-bloggers is fun to be a part of. You're the best!

    Now it's everyone else's turn; if you haven't been tagged yet, consider yourself tagged now and tell us why you blog!

    Sunday, April 01, 2007

    Happy April!

    Follow this link and scroll down mid-way to see a surprise!

    No foolin' :)