Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Charlie and the Conehead Kitty

Pouncer, the kitty, had some minor surgery yesterday and will be a conehead cat for about a week. She doesn't have the hang of it yet and keeps sideswiping walls and furniture with a bang!

Charlie was initially terrified of "Robo-cat", but has begun to recognize the advantages of a kitty that can't easily scoot into tight places.

They're good friends, and we're watching to make sure that Pouncer gets enough rest and recovery time, but they're also pretty funny together!


Saturday, August 20, 2011

Pack Animal

Charlie is very sensitive to heat, and so we work hard to keep him well-hydrated. When we go hiking, I load up on water for us both, but it's heavy! So I was thrilled to find this RuffWear pack on sale for half-price at REI. It has 2 compartments with removable water bottles and a couple of additional small pockets.

Now Charlie can carry some of his own water and snacks. And with the convenient handle, I can help lift my Charlie "suitcase" over rough spots if need be.


Saturday, August 06, 2011

Charlie's Big Week

Last week, Charlie's Aunt Karen (Sophie's mom) came to visit. I know it was bittersweet for her, having lost Sophie this spring and Charlie being so much like Sophie, but I also know it was fun!

Charlie says hello

Whenever possible, we took Charlie, and he had a blast. We went to brewpubs...

Lunch at Hedge House

... and to waterfalls:

Multnomah Falls

We went up Mt. Hood...

At Timberline Lodge

... and out to the gorge to buy salmon from the Indians:

Only steelhead today

Charlie met new dogs...

... and new people:

By the end of each day, he was pooped...

Headed home

... but by the next day, he was ready to go again!

"Let's go!"

Hope you had a good week too!