Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Charlie and the Leash

Charlie has changed his mind about the leash. It's a good thing, really. Very chewable. And it keeps mom close in case of need.

First we let Charlie drag the leash around the house and just get used to it. He'd step on it and trip. Then chew on it. Then try to pick it up in his mouth and carry it.

Then we tried the first outdoor trip in the front yard. At first Charlie didn't quite know what to do.

Charlie vs. leash (click on the image to play a movie)

But pretty quickly he got the hang of it and was walking around the yard like a big dog. Soon the shoe was on the other foot and he was walking his mom, like the best of them!

Master of the leash (click on the image to play a movie)

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Unknown said...

Hi, this is a note for Charlie, please read it aloud to him as he is not old enough to read yet:

Alright Charlie, way to go! I had to teach my human about the leash for a few weeks then he got the hang of it. We have to be patient with humans and hope for the best.