Monday, November 29, 2010


For awhile I was puzzled. After I moved his bed in front of the fireplace, instead of staring at me like he usually does, Charlie began kind of staring away. He wasn't sick, there was no fire to capture his attention...

... and then it dawned on me. He was still watching me - but as a reflection in the glass. Spooky!


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

We hope your day leaves you this relaxed and happy!:

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Getting Comfortable

Occasionally it seems like Charlie gets obsessed with making his bed be "just right" before he can lie down. It can go on a surprisingly long time, and I've always wanted to capture it on video, but usually don't have my camera handy. Last week, however, I got a sample -- this is his "shortened version" (he got distracted) but you can still get the idea, I think! :)


Saturday, November 20, 2010


This morning Charlie alerted us to the fact that something extremely interesting was going on outside. When we looked out the window --- there was Cassie, on a walk with her mom.

Hearing Charlie's continuous barking inside the house, Cassie sat down, stared in his direction, and refused to go on. It was cold and overcast, almost rainy, but there was no saying "no" to these two. They wanted to romp and roll, so into the back yard they went.

Considering their age difference (Charlie is 6, Cassie is almost 6 months), Charlie kept up the furious pace of play pretty well. After awhile, he was clearly starting to slow, though, and would lie down, making Cassie do more of the play work.

To change things up and keep it interesting, when Charlie lay down, sometimes Cassie would turn and walk away. But she'd go just far enough to let him relax and feel safe. Then she'd turn and, from a running start, pounce on him.

Pouncer and pouncee

"Momma, save me from the puppy!"

Though fewer, they had their quieter moments too, and they followed each other like shadows, rarely leaving each other's side.

Charlie's now happily and completely conked --- but by the window, of course, where he's sure to notice if she goes by again. :)


Saturday, November 13, 2010

Apparently I Need Not Have Worried

He likes it.


Sunday, November 07, 2010

Somehow I Hadn't Counted on This Turn of Events...

As a pup, Charlie demolished his beds -- fleece, cordura, even Orvis Toughchews... the material didn't matter - he would find a weak spot, chew a hole and then try to eat the stuffing. Though I regularly sewed them up, he just saw it as a challenge... one he easily met. Sew... demolish... resew... demolish... I finally quit trying, and we put them away (except for one in the bedroom to be used with supervision).

Recently it occurred to me, however, that since he seems to be grown up enough to generally play with stuffies without (always) eating them, it might be time to get Charlie a new bed. So I did -- another Orvis Toughchew.

As hoped for, he hasn't chewed on it. Now if I can just get him to lie on it...


Thursday, November 04, 2010

Blogblast for Peace

"If the human race wishes to have a prolonged and indefinite period of material prosperity, they have only got to behave in a peaceful and helpful way toward one another." -- Winston Churchill

We are proud to participate in Blogblast for Peace.


Wednesday, November 03, 2010