Saturday, December 18, 2004

The Great Outdoors

Charlie loves to go outdoors. And he seems to know what it's for! He runs to the door and waits.

Waiting to go outside.

If he has business to do, once outside he gets right down to it! Then it's time to PLAY!

Anything is fair game as far as Charlie's concerned. And it must be tasted. No - it must be acquired and chewed! So we are getting very good at opening his mouth, extracting contraband, and replacing it with a toy.

Winding down.

Sometimes he's willing to come back in under his own steam. Sometimes he's not.

A couple of times, when he's gotten right to the door, he's turned and run back to the yard for a little last minute business. I think he's almost getting the hang of it!

But when he first wakes up, watch out! He needs help then remembering what the yard is for besides play.

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