Thursday, February 26, 2009

How to Ground a Golden

I'm sure this will cause Khyra and the other Sibes more snickering; I know it wouldn't work if Charlie were a husky...

Babygate at the top of the stairs

Barricaded steps up to the terraces.

Barricaded lower west-side yard.

Strict instructions to sleep on his *own* bed.

No playing "Chase Charlie".

Just one little patch of lower east-side yard to roam in long enough to do "business".

"Awww... mom... please please please can I go up there?"

The good news is that Charlie's definitely feeling better. Not quite to the point of challenging the "sleep on the dog-bed" rule, but when he snuck past the baby gate, he was able to come back up the stairs on his own. So there's definite progress.

One week down; one to go!


Saturday, February 21, 2009

Charlie is Grounded!

After watchful waiting to see if he'd get better on his own, yesterday I took Charlie to the vet.

A little over a week ago, Charlie quit jumping. He quit climbing on me to sing, quit jumping on the bed to sleep, and quit leaping the terraces to explore and hunt kitty poo. Worse, he quit being able to easily climb stairs - a problem in a house built into a hillside. Especially when your mom can't carry you!

Despite the fact that he is getting a little better, and despite the fact that I'm getting used to having room to turn over in bed, he still couldn't climb stairs, so it was time to drag him to the vet. And I do mean drag --- the floors there are well-waxed or else I don't think we would have gotten him into the examining room.

Of course at the vet's Charlie was on his most perfect healthy-dog behavior. He jumped all over me. He trotted around. He went up and down stairs. X-rays showed no problems (whew!), but on probing, the doctor could detect some guarding in his left hip and knee.

So it's probably a soft tissue strain, good news I think. And the bad news for Charlie is, well, good news for me. Charlie is completely and utterly grounded. For two weeks. Two long weeks that he's only allowed outside long enough to do business on a leash. Two weeks he's not allowed to jump at all. Two more weeks of spacious restful sleep for me.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

How Not to Fold a Car Cover

"Hi Mom! Need some help?"

"Oh, yeah, I'm feeling a little sleepy.
Maybe I should just take a nap right here?"

"Hey, finders keepers; it's MY cover, now!"

"Thanks, but I don't want the toy, I want the car cover."

"Yeah, I see the ball."

"Yeah, you threw the ball over there. So what?"

"I want it over HERE!"

"Don't mess with me. I'm a big scary dog!"

"...and I'll chew on you if you try to take MY car cover!"

A well-trained dog is a blessing.


Friday, February 13, 2009

Open Your Wallet

and donate to the Victoria RSPCA. It will not only help provide emergency veterinary assistance to animals affected by the terrible Australian bushfires, but it will also go to supplying animal food to relief centers, reuniting pets with their humans, and providing temporary shelter for animals. So you're not only supporting the animals, but you're also helping people who've been driven out of their homes not have to choose between caring for their human and their non-human family members.

Hey, Charlie did it online -- you can too!!

If you want to donate, but not online or with a credit card, the RSPCA website also provides instructions on sending a check or money order or doing a bank transfer. If none of these work for you, call them at +61 03 9224 2222 (the + means dial your outgoing country code first, e.g. 011 if you're dialing from the US or 00 from Malaysia -- here's a site that can help you if you need it). The RSPCA welcomes international donations, so don't be shy!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Stay Safe

Our thoughts and prayers are with all our Aussie friends who are dealing with the terrible bushfires in Victoria.

The next few days threaten a wind change that could merge two fires still burning out of control. So our friends are not out of danger yet, but we hope the worst is over. If you get a chance, stop by and wish them doGspeed.

Big Charlie and Opy
Ellie and Baz
Asta (down under)

Hang in there, guys!

(Let me know if I've missed anyone.)

Monday, February 02, 2009

Patrolling Together

"You take the right, I'll take the left"