Saturday, December 11, 2004

Home at Last.

Charlie slept in my arms all the way home. So much excitement for such a little guy!

At home we kept him apart from Harley and the cats until everyone had eaten. In the meantime, Charlie played with his new bear.

At home. Posted by Hello

Playing with Bear (click on the image to play a movie)

Then at last, it was time to meet Harley. Charlie sniffed him, and for awhile he was everso respectful.

Meeting Harley.

But Harley played it cool. So Charlie had to escalate...

Play with me!

Harley continued to play it cool, so Charlie stepped it up a little more.

Walking all over Harley. (click on the image to play a movie)

Finally, Charlie wound down. And not a second too soon for Harley!

All tuckered out. Posted by Hello

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