Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Playtime Dreams

Today is showery, with the sun occasionally peeking out, so we're spending the day inside.

Charlie's asleep, probably dreaming about how much fun we're going to have when the weather turns nice again, just like we did last week:

Friday, April 23, 2010

Garden Helper

For some reason, gardening with Charlie as a helper is more work....

"Wha'cha doin'? Want me to help with that?"

"I'll take care of those!"

"Hey, I said those are MY weeds!"

"And what are these? I can help with these, too!"

"Grrrrrr, you nasty weeds!"

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Approach Avoidance

There are workmen in the house mounting a new TV on the wall, and Charlie is alternately intrigued by them...

... and freaked by the sound of their reciprocating saw making cutouts in the plywood shear wall.

Whenever I leave the room, he stays close by my side, jockeying to keep me between him and the scary noises, for example, as I try to work in the kitchen.

Poor guy -- it's probably time for some extra treats!


Friday, April 02, 2010

Charlie's New BFF

You'll recall how much Charlie likes his mailman. Well, I don't remember exactly when and how it happened, but things have changed since October.

No longer does the mail carrier leave treats outside the door for Charlie to retrieve with the mail...

...nor is Charlie babygated upstairs at mailtime, anymore...

... because Charlie and his new best friend now do a daily greeting ... one-on-one.

"Hi, buddy!"

Charlie lies at the head of the unbabygated stairs or at a nearby window, watching and listening for the distinctive *snap* of the mail slot, whereupon he races to the door, barking ferociously. But now, when he sees it's Jeffrey, the bark turns from ferocious to demanding, or even quiets entirely, while Charlie waits for us to come open the door, so he can squirm through and let the greetings begin.

Of course, the very best greetings involve both snuzzling and treats, and these are no exception.

Catching a treat in mid-air.

So Charlie now has the mailman eating out of his hand. Only it's the other way around, really. Thanks, Jeffrey -- all of us around here think you're "paw"some!