Thursday, December 23, 2004

Close Encounters of the Kitty Kind

Charlie loves the kitties, Jessie and Pouncer.

Pouncer, the outdoor cat, is terrified of him and has taken to staying outdoors even more than usual. She won't even eat near the door he barks from behind. And Pouncer loves her food!

Jessie, however, has decided to meet Charlie head-on. She intends to reclaim her house! No more will Jessie run and hide. She saunters by Charlie temptingly. She sleeps just slightly out of reach (for now) on the recliner. She even lounges attractively, rolling over and fearlessly exposing her soft underbelly.

Charlie & Jessie

For his part, Charlie is probably coming to view Jessie as an attractive nuisance. Always worth going after, but unattainable and definitely off limits. He's learning to respond to "NO" - even with respect to a kitty! Just hope he doesn't need to learn "DROP the Kitty".

So close!

...and yet so far away.
Doesn't any kitty stay in one place any more?
It would be so fine to to have a big kitty score.


Anonymous said...

Charlie is sooooo cute!

Sam the black GSD said...

Hi Charlie,

Welcome to the world of dog blogging!

I LOVE kitties too. I'm undergoing a "cat desensitization" treatment which frankly only makes them more desirable.


Anonymous said...

From way up north in Yakima, the three little kittens (Shackleton, Hillary and Luciano)say, "neener, neener, neener!"