Thursday, March 24, 2005

Fangs for the Memories...

We have quite a collection of little teeth. It's been clear for the last few weeks that something dental's going on. And it was certainly time for it to happen. Big teeth started to erupt alongside little teeth. Chews tinged pink. And Chilly Bone (the sponge-like toy we freeze for Charlie) never had such a workout!

Then suddenly, it seemed, the little teeth were gone. But where? Outside? Down the hatch? The answer lay in front of us - all around the house. Wherever Charlie normally spends time chewing - there were found little teeth. Little canine fangs, little incisors, even little molars. So small - it's hard to believe they were so sharp and effective!

For now they live in a little box. A remembrance of puppy days.

Charlie & Harley compare teeth

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Puppy Treats!

Charlie demonstrates incredible focus... on puppy treats! With treat motivation, he learned "sit" in record time. "Down" came quickly too (although we don't practice it as much so it's not that solid).

But where his focus is most evident is in the "puppy treat" game. It starts by saying "Charlie, want a puppy treat?" or crying "Puppy drumsticks!" Charlie immediately sits down and gazes intently at your hands to find the treat. Then, with a "one-two" swing so he can see the trajectory, the treat is thrown and Charlie catches it in mid-air.


During the game, any activity in the house can go on, safe from Charlie's attention and assistance. Harley can be fed or go outside. Jessie can saunter around. People can dress. The "food closet" can be opened. And Charlie will wait and watch, never taking his eyes off the treat hands.

It took 5 or 6 tries to get the picture above (which we both enjoyed), and through it, I think the house could have fallen down around us and Charlie would have continued to sit and focus and catch as long as I stayed there with treat in hand!