Monday, September 25, 2006

I'll be watching you.

As I got the RV ready for our recent trip, I noticed a constant observer, moving from window to window.

...Every breath you take

Every move you make...

...Every step you take

I'll be watching you!


ranger said...

you are a good watch dog!!!!

Tin Tin Blogdog said...

Hey, that's our job.

To watch you.

To make sure you don't forget us.

To take up every opportunity thrown our way to play or eat.

Eagles in disguise, we are.

Now excuse me while I remove the feathers from my mouth.

Chow for now,

Tin Tin xo

Freda said...

Hey Charlie,

Sounds like somedog is Police-in' someone. We always know when our humans are leavin'. It is sooo obvious! When will they learn.



Anonymous said...

Keep an eye out for those sneakers. What's an RV anyway? Is that a Rawhide Vehicle?