Monday, September 04, 2006

And then there are the ears...

Charlie may get his squinty smile from his dad. But that beautiful coat and those shaggy flyaway ears seem to be all mom!

No matter how much you brush Charlie's ears, they always look windblown and in need of combing. And no matter how much you neglect it, the rest of his coat stays shiny and beautiful!

Above is Mom with 10-day-old Charlie & company, and below/right is almost 2-year-old Charlie.


Sam I Am said...


What a beautiful boy you are.. you shine like me.Is that you as a puppy Charlie ,my have you grown..woof-woof

Lot's of Lick's

Unknown said...

I have lots of my mom in me too. but tons of my dad.

sigh I miss my mom, wonder how she's doing lately . . . I still remember that smell of mom and my bros and sis, a hint of it is still on this blanket here . . .


Kaluah-lu said...

Now THAT is really cute. It almost makes me want to have pups, but I made the decision to further my career early on.

By the way, Charlie... you're still a cutie.