Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Episode 4: Orcas Island, Dances with Deer

Well, not exactly "dances". More like "runs". And in the opposite direction...

All the islands, but especially Orcas, were covered in deer. They were everywhere! So I should have known better than to take Charlie out for a final night's walk to an isolated part of the campground. And then shine a flashlight into the dark.

There were 2 deer, not very far away, caught in the glare of the flashlight. They looked at us. And we looked at them. And then two things happened almost simultaneously - - the deer gracefully leaped into the air and bounded off... and my arm was nearly separated from my shoulder, as this 80 lb golden retriever tried to get as far away from the deer as quickly as possible. I don't know who was startled more - - Charlie or the deer or me!


Anonymous said...

Hi! I really like the age progression thingy at the top of your page, very cool.

You know I chased a deer a few weeks ago, really gave my humans a scare. they found me a mile away worn out and looking for home.


Charlie - The Big Dog said...

I live next door to a deer farm - those things are nothing to be scared of. I quiet often sit in the sun and watch them eat the grass early in the morning. Sometimes I will run up to the fence and bark at them, just to show them Im the boss, but most of the time Im happy to let them go about their bizness.


Maximillian the Valliant said...

Charlie my man!! I agree with your plan. Always choose to investigate strange creatures in daylight hours without your human. I applaud your choice to protect your human at all costs. If they run from your bark all the better (I know my bark is very verocious..only criminals are not afraid!).