Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Often in the morning, I feel a little shake of the bed. And when I wake, I find this next to my face...

Then, when he knows I'm awake, Charlie oh-so-quietly retrieves the chew and carries it around the house, typically following me, while I stumble to get up and going.

When I move to my office and get settled, Charlie arrives, chew in mouth. And we both settle in for the morning.

This is never an actively in-play chew. It's always one that's been formerly chewed and then fallen out of favor. A has-been.

I guess such chews are for carrying around and leaving as gifts or decorations or place markers. Perhaps a reminder of fun times gone by and more yet-to-come.

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Anonymous said...

Those are some mighty big bones. I can feel your pain as you stumble bare footed across the room and step on one of those bad boys!