Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Can Someone Explain This?

As a puppy, Charlie chewed on and swallowed his stuffed toys and dog beds so relentlessly that we limited access to them for his protection and our sanity. That went on for a few years, until his buddy Charlie in Australia sent him a Roo. He proved to be more trustworthy with Roo than before, so I pronounced him all grown up, and other toys and a new bed followed.

Now Charlie is much better with toys and beds than before... but not perfect*. For example, he ate Roo's nose and ear. And I feel like I'm constantly saying "No" or "leave Bugs alone" or "here, chew on the nylabone instead". But it doesn't actually happen all the time... just in certain circumstances.

It took me awhile to open my eyes and become conscious of a pattern, and I don't fully see it yet. But here's what I know: Charlie is completely trustworthy with toys and dog beds most of the time -- when he's alone, or at night after we all go to bed, or when he's hanging out quietly with one of us somewhere, e.g. in the living room or kitchen or office, etc. He just carries them around and lays his head on them.

But every night while we humans eat dinner (after he's eaten his own) and/or watch a movie or whenever we work a crossword puzzle together in the living room, Charlie picks up a stuffy, plops down at our feet and commences toy destruction (and consumption) until redirected.

What's going on? Is Charlie trying to get us to include him? Is he just kind of revved up in the presence of his family unit? What??

I haven't figured it out yet. So far, it remains just one of those things that puts the exclamation point in "Charlie!"

*To Cassie, Noodles & Jed/Abby: Yes, I'm sorry to say that Woolly Bone, Bugs and Flying Cow, too, have new orifices and slightly fewer pieces than before. But Charlie says it's just part of his "breaking in" process and proof that he loves them.



Kari in Alaska said...

hmm it could be he is feeding off the extra energy


~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

When you figure out this mystery of the universe, pass it on--We have the same thing that happens here. The crew is good for so long with toys and then all of the sudden, it's poor little stuffing is everywhere...

KT and Easton said...

concerning the desired to chew right after dinner: most of our Golden loved that. We would offer up a bully, nylabone, real bone or (heaven forbid) a Greenie. Rarely did they exhibit toy destruction. They were into parading around with their beloved stuffed toys in their mouths.
PS: After dinner Greenies are like doggy crack, don't get it started!! We made that mistake with Devo and Cosmo. yikes

Moose said...

Moose's pattern is when his lady friends or a new foster pal comes in he gets a toy out and destroys it in front of them! The other night phoebe- out of the complete blue pulled her bed out of the crate and started chewing on it - it happened to be WHILE I was talking to a potential adopter telling them what an angel she was. then ~ 1week later talking to different potential adopters and she did it again! No clue what she was responding to but can't be a coincidence. I vote for the pleasure of a full belly and the pack all around means he is feeling content and post dinner a little excited/energized... Just a guess. Dogs are by nature more active in the late evening - if he were wild he would be off hunting at that hour. Maybe that has something to do with it? WHatever it is he sure looks handsome with his toys!

Lorenza said...

Things like those make us more interesting, right Charlie?
Kisses and hugs

Amber-Mae said...

Perhaps Charlie KNOWS that he is going to get ATTENTION (whether positive or negative) from you guys when he lies down right in front of you & starts operating on his stuffies. I don't know. It's possible because that's what I do too.

Lilli said...

Hi Charlie and Charlie's mom!

It's so nice to read about your adventures! So I'm definately a reader now when I finnished older posts :)

I hope Sophie is fine too.

I wish you happy days!


Scout and Freyja said...

Heck, you sit down to eat or read a book or watch a movie, he needs to pass the time away somehow - like a hobby☺ I wouldn't worry about it and I certainly wouldn't take away his toys, he's just loving them too hard. One thing you might do is go to some yard sales this summer and pick up some stuffies - wash them (they do great), dry them (they do great there, too) and then you'll have an endless supply of cheap stuffies he can disembowel that cost little to nothing☺

Lilli said...

It's nice you liked the information. I've heard they has Pancake Day in some European countries (like UK) but I only know they eat pancakes in that day. Other traditions are unfamiliar to me. In Finland we don't eat pancakes on that day so in our ears it's just sounds funny when translated like that :D

I'm really interested about those bone shaped biscuits you made for Charlie. I would really like to have the recipe :)


roughseasinthemed said...

I don't play with toys much. Only for a few minutes. Bits of log are good though, and plastic (and, er cats...)


roughseasinthemed said...

Er that was from Pippa, schizophrenia kicking in here :D

Lilli said...

Thank you very much :) I must think if I would try them on weekend or next week when my brother's dog is coming here to "a vacation".

And just to make clearer. I'm the same person, Hanna and Lilli :D Hanna is my real name but Lilli is like, um, my alter ego or something, which I like to use especially when it's about internet or music. It's also like my artist name. So far my blog is only about me and what I do but when there's coming a welsh corgi baby I'm also starting to write about his/hers adventures. But so far I'm only looking for information because we can't get a dog yet because our landlady doesn't approve. Hopefully we can move this year to a different house so we can seriously start thinking of having a dog :) (we = me and my partner).

-Lilli aka Hanna-

1000 Goldens said...

Oh Charlie...you just gotta keep 'em guessing, right?

Moco said...

We pups have many facets to our personality. It is not for you humans to know them all.

Rick said...

I think Moco is on to something. I grow weary and tired analyzing my girls behavior.

Charlie (and Teresa) said...

our charlies could be brothers i think!! -


love your blog and beautiful charlie! :)

Anonymous said...

We have a 15 month old black lab called Storm. She LOVES her fluffy toys (mostly bought for a few pence at Charity shops or Bring and Buy) and carrys one around in her mouth - a lot of the time. she loves to chew them also - noses get ripped off and stuffing pulled out - mostly in the evening when we are all chilling. We don't mind though, they are cheap and by having these she has never chewed anything that she ought not.

Shoes and trainers and wooden furniture have never been of interst to her.

We also swop her toys arouond on a weekly basis - which annoys her sometimes as we can see her lookign for a particular one - if she gets the chace to nip into the spare bedroom to find it then she does.

she is also in love with Big Ted - who she humps tot he point of destruction - but again had never humped anything, or anybody else.

She's a joyQ