Monday, October 22, 2007

Post-birthday letdown

The walks are walked, the games played, plates licked, the candles eaten. Now we resume Charlie's regular program, already in progress...


Sophie Brador said...

Charlie, Don't forget. Your regular program includes all your adoring girlfriends checking you out.


p.s. I did!

Lorenza said...

Hi, Charlie
After all those activities sure you need to rest as much as you can!
Glad you had a great birthday!
Have a nice day

Thor and Jack said...

Oh Charlie, don´t be sad! It has as much thing to play. Ball for front! Call Gabbie for play!

Amber-Mae said...

Why not call your friend over to play with you? Sure you both will have a great time.

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Bella the Boxer said...

Happy belated birthday, Charlie! I think maybe you'll cheer up since the sun is supposed to come back out this week. Maybe you can play chase-the-squirrel-on-a-stick with your friend Gabbie? (that's my favorite toy).

xoxo - Bella

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Hello Charlie, have you done anything fun today?

~ Girl girl

Kien said...

Hey Charlie... u look really bored after the party.. well, we can't party all the time.. take time to rest.. then u can party again.. hehhehehe.. i'll party with u..


Mary-Margaret O'Brien said...

Hi, Charlie - Wow...what a NIFTY ball. Wanna play? Hmmmmm? (I know what you mean about the post birthday blues...had 'em myself a while back!)

OK....hee hee.....hide and seek sounds fun. Let's PLAY!!


Anonymous said...

awwww. Charlie you look so forlorn!!

Well, I tagged you for the name meme because your answers will be hilarious! So maybe that will cheer you up pretty boy xx