Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Grey Day

On this grey showery Portland day, Charlie's parked himself by the glass door in my office, where he'll stay as long as I do.

From here, on the 2nd floor, he can see what's happening on the streets and sidewalks below -- and we can tell who's passing by, based on what we hear...
  • grrrrr... - a person (perhaps with dog), a block away
  • grrrrr... Grrrr... GRRRRR... - person (perhaps with dog), coming closer
  • Woof! WOOF! - bicycle going by
  • grrr... GRRRR... WOOFFFFWOOFFgrrrrrWOOFFWOOFFwhineWOOFFWOOFFwhineWOOFF - dog sighted or skateboard passing
  • WOOFWOOFWOOF,gack,gack,grrrrWOOFWOOFWOOF,gack,GRRRWWWOOOOOFWOOFWOOFWOOF,gack,gack,grrrrWOOFWOOFWOOF! - The Mailman! Will he have a treat?

  • Hope it dries up soon so we can do a little lawn-mowing or else Charlie won't be tiptoing though the tulips, he'll have to wade through the grass.


    Unknown said...

    You humans don't even need a bark to typolator to understand Charlie!

    Can you teach my humans?


    Fu Fu said...

    Hey Charlie, you sure make a good security dog to alert your humans of any suspicious activity. :)

    ~ fufu

    Amber-Mae said...

    Oh it's raining heavily there too huh?! This is bad coz it's happening here too in Malaysia. Quite sickening actually coz I'm getting less walks & less play off-leash outside my house. Bloordy weather!

    Haha, I make the same growling sounds, whine & bark like you! Different whines, barks & growls for different people or things. Hahaha!!!

    P/S: Check it out! I'm on Dog's Choice Magz cover!

    Love licks,
    Solid Gold Dancer

    Sherman said...

    A lot of times when I'm looking out the window I smuge up the window with my nose.

    Linda said...

    Hey Charlie,
    Your rain is coming our way. We have had some very nice days but the mean ol weather man says rain is coming.
    So maybe you will get some sunshine now!
    Thanks so much for voting for me Butchy!!!
    Luv & Wirey Hugs!
    Butchy & Snickers

    Sophie Brador said...

    Hey Charlie! Sophie does a similar thing. Her latest big massive woofing and grrring is a bike with a dog! People do that here all the time. I wouldn't dare. One cat sighting and I'd be eating my handle bars.

    Freda said...

    Hey Charlies,

    I do a lot fo that grrr... GRRRR... WOOFFFFWOOFFgrrrrrWOOFFWOOFFwhineWOOFFWOOFFwhineWOOFF stuffs, too. Dogs aren't suppose to walk in front of my house and Tule's dad still skateboards.

    Hope it drys out soons for you. I think you stole the fallin' water that we were suppose to have had.

    You must have quite a views.



    Sophie Brador said...

    Charlie, You are the most awesome beast! Check out my blog for more.....

    SuLee said...

    Charlie, you are sooooo cute! i own an Australian terrier -Pooky who's 20months old and a Labradoodle-Lex who's 4months old.

    Check out their cute pictures!

    Ferndoggle said...

    Charlie, we speak the exact same language! I didn't know I spoke Golden...cool!