Monday, October 30, 2006

Charlie the Gardener

Gardening, with Charlie in the yard, is always an iffy proposition. He loves being outdoors, but he's just so inquisitive, playful, and mouth-/food- oriented that everything I cut or dig seems to want to end up in his stomach.

And this has always been true. As a puppy, he would mill around where I was working, and he would snatch dirt clods or cut branches or seed pods and run off with them.

Magnolia seedpod in mouth

As an adult, Charlie still exhibits all his puppy characteristics, plus a tendency to want to help... If I'm digging, Charlie feels he should dig. If I cut branches, he pulls off more with his teeth. Heck, I've got him pulling weeds out of the lawn now! And the amazing thing is - he knows what's a plantain weed and what isn't!!

Helping plant tulips

Now if I can just convince him not to eat everything, I think we'll be a great team!


Anonymous said...

wow! charlie, you know how to "plant"! I like digging too but because i do not have a yard, i dig at the tiles in the house! silly me!

wet wet licks


Anonymous said...

Hey Charlie, you love gardening too?? I love gardening too!! You are so smart to know how to pull the weed out, if I was me, I would just dig the whole spot up. That way I don't ahve to sorry about anything growing in that spot!!

ps. do you like to kiss goats too?? Or eat grass?? According to your mom, we are very alike at times!

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Anonymous said...

Eat seeds? Do they have icing or cheese on them?

Bussie Kissies