Saturday, July 15, 2006

Mother's little helper

Today I decided to finish putting in the gladiolas. And Charlie decided to help. In his own high-spirited way.

I put down the tray with the bulbs in it and turned to start digging the first hole. Up came Charlie to investigate. He snatched the biggest, most beautiful bulb and off he went. He raced to the other end of the yard and stood there, just daring me to come get him. So I did, figuring that if he was running, he wouldn't have time to chew and swallow.

So we played "Chase Charlie." I chased him up one side and down the other. Around and around the yard we went, until finally he was tired. When I told him to "down," he did. And I was able to rescue the precious bulb, wet but uneaten.

What a helpful dog!

1 comment:

Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

I am glad that Charlie is so helpful :-) If it was my Charlie, he would have eaten on the run, and there would have been no way that bulb would have been anything but mush by the time you got to him !
PS - maybe it was payback for the gate !