Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Nosing Around

Walks with Charlie tend to be slow and nasal, with spurts of activity. We creep from one house to the next, checking every bush... every lamp post... every spot on the sidewalk.

Hmmm... John has new firewood.

At some locations he sniffs every little thing, and it's only with great regret that Charlie consents to move along. Other locations hold no interest and we rush by.

This way, Mom - let's hurry over to the phone pole!

The best scents are clearly those left by others.

Pekes... I knew it!

And a kitty?

Then, as we get towards home, Charlie will take the leash in his mouth and lead us home - the faster, the better!

Heading for home!


Freda said...

Great photo story! Charlie walks like I like to walk. We can tell who left the pee mail, their age, sex and if they are sick or not. I don't like that part. I don't want anyone to be sick.

Didn't Mr. Gump say something about sniffing around, "You never know what you will get.'? Or was it about a box?

Anyway, I like your day trip. Keep on sniffin'.


Anonymous said...

Looks like we have the same pace, Charlie and Freda and me.

Humans get the news from newspapers and TVs, we dogs get it from sniffing. I can tell what they've been eating, how old they are, what their favorite color is, who's gonna win the World Series; lots of stuff.

And some humans say it's a big part of a dog's mental health. Kinda makes you want to give our marking routine a bit of respect. My human gets impatient after I mark about 20 trees, so I have to skip one every now and again . . .