Thursday, March 24, 2005

Fangs for the Memories...

We have quite a collection of little teeth. It's been clear for the last few weeks that something dental's going on. And it was certainly time for it to happen. Big teeth started to erupt alongside little teeth. Chews tinged pink. And Chilly Bone (the sponge-like toy we freeze for Charlie) never had such a workout!

Then suddenly, it seemed, the little teeth were gone. But where? Outside? Down the hatch? The answer lay in front of us - all around the house. Wherever Charlie normally spends time chewing - there were found little teeth. Little canine fangs, little incisors, even little molars. So small - it's hard to believe they were so sharp and effective!

For now they live in a little box. A remembrance of puppy days.

Charlie & Harley compare teeth


Freda said...

It has been so long since I sold my puppy teeth to the tooth fairy, I can't even remember them. It is great that you have reached this mile stone. Now you can start chewing in earnest.
I am trying to keep my grown up teeth as long as I can. So I have my human guy brush my teeth every night. Of course, I get great dental chews too. I don't want to ever have to wear false teeth!!



Splash said...

Congratulations, that is a big milestone. Now when you chew on something, you can leave bigger marks!

We noticed last night that Jewel has lost a front incisor. We think it is from the way she eats her dinner -- with great gusto! Or maybe from when she ran into the coffee table.

Unknown said...

I think I ate all my little teeth cause I never saw them come out. One day suddenly I noticed I could chew a lot harder on things and that was great!