Thursday, February 17, 2005

Thank Goodness for Chews!

The inventor of the braided chew is our hero! It is the perfect size for big puppy mouths. It has the right give and squeak to keep little puppies interested. And it's strong enough to last a while, yet not so hard that a puppy can't get somewhere with it. From the moment he first saw one, Charlie was taken with the braided chew.

Charlie & chew

The retriever roll didn't do it for him - too hard. The knotted chew was somewhat interesting, but he couldn't really get his mouth around the knot for chewing. He thought the pressed chew was great - but he's such a strong chewer it hardly lasted a day. And anything small was likely to just go 'down the hatch' with no chewing at all.

Often we can distract Charlie from more vulnerable targets (like Harley, cat or human) with a braided chew. Sometimes when he's being impossibly bitey and all teeth, we even stuff it in.

Chew stuffed in

What's your favorite chew?


Splash said...

I like the bleached ones you get in a big bag from Trader Joes. Mike likes them too, but they make him throw up. I also ADORE the dental chews from the vet but they are expensive and last me about 30 seconds so I don't get those often.

Anonymous said...


the three not-so-little kittens

Anonymous said...

Hey Charlie,
It is me again - the golden puppy that is just like you. By the way my name is Kayce and I live in Florida. My Mom thinks that chews are the greatest, too. But the only kind of chew I eat are rawhide. So, she wants to know where you get those great braided chews.
Also, my Mom said that you are one big boy. I am a lot smaller, only 28 pounds right now, but Mom said that good things come in small packages. Now, if I would only BE good!!!

Charlie said...

Hi Splash - I'm going to send my mom over to TJ's to check those out. The dental things sound good, but considering you have to go to you know who for them, I'll pass.

Kittens - yeah, toes are good. ;)

Hi Kayce - Mom says she gets my braids (Dentley's basted rawhide) at Petsmart. They come in packages of 2 - 1 beef & 1 chicken. I like beef the best! I liked chew chips a lot, too, but after I down-the-hatch'ed a couple, Mom wouldn't give me any more.

Freda said...

I'm late as usual Charlie,

I like the rawhide chips. My human cuts them in half so I don't get too much of a good thing too fast. He shouldn't worry. I can chew on one of them for days at a time. He found really good ones at while he worked at the Denver Zoo. He would order them for the hyenas, wolves and any other wild beasts that could use them. They come in one pound bags or five pound boxes, natural or assorted flavors. So that's what I get.