Saturday, February 05, 2005

Sixteen Candles

Charlie is sixteen weeks old today and getting sooooo big! It's hard to call him a puppy anymore; in many ways he's become a little dog.

Charlie at 16 weeks

Charlie and Bear at 8 weeks

He couldn't begin to fit under an airplane seat today, as we pondered doing 8 weeks ago. Now he would need the whole row! No more to worry about a person or dog rolling over on him in their sleep and hurting him. To the contrary - - it's getting pretty crowded on Harley's dog bed, and if he should lie on Harley's face...

Charley and Harley - now

Charlie & Harley - 8 weeks ago

Puppy breath is gone, having disappeared suddenly sometime in the last 2 weeks. Chewing is still Charlie's passion though, and he practices it on dog and human and toy alike; sometimes even on himself!

He can chew his own ears, as well as his tail...

Charlie's legs have grown long, and he's able to jump on a human bed. He doesn't even need a running start; just a little sit and a spring will do it.

Long-legged pup!

He's learning words, and we're learning to spell. Charlie knows 'let's go for a walk' and 'no' and 'sit' and can sometimes follow these commands... if he wants to and especially if a treat's involved. In fact, he'll always sit to catch treats, focusing oh so intently on the activity.

Catching treats (click on the image to view a movie)

"Happy Birthweek, sweet sixteen! We've known you half your life, now, and can't imagine a world without your little hurricane self. Sit and Stay awhile, and we'll have lots more fun together!"


Splash said...

Happy 1/3 of a year birthday Charlie! I know how hard it is to control those long legs. Have a great day and remember, if you rip open those stuffed toys and pull out the stuffing, then you have "skins" to play with!

Heidi said...

I like da picture of Charley and harley on da dog bed.
Dats cute!

Unknown said...

There is so much inside Splash that you will never know. He is so full of life and growing at life speed!

Splash is right, once you get the stuffing out of those stuffed animal dog toys, they are like a new toy!