Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Play Ball!

Charlie likes to play ball, especially in the house. In addition to 'Retrieve the ball', he is learning 'Retrieve one ball and dribble another' and 'Catch the ball'.

I almost didn't believe 'Catch the ball' when I first saw it - - I half expected the ball to bounce off his nose. But he catches it! Well... he tries. And sometimes succeeds, as you can see (no, this was not staged; this is Charlie in action).

Eye on the ball...

Got it!


Splash said...

Charlie, I'm glad you can catch. You are pretty young to have such skill!

I don't catch very well myself, but I blame it on my mom's poor tossing technique. She's going to blind me one of these days!

Anonymous said...

Wow - you're really good at catch! We're learning how to fetch...but catching is hard. Maybe if they used REAL mice....
the three not-so-little-anymore kittens

Charlie said...

Splash - I decided to keep my mom guessing and let the ball just bounce off my nose. That got me a lot of treats!

Little kittens - it was catching treats that got me interested in catching balls, so tell your mom to let those mice fly!