Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Charlie the Wild Dingo

Deep in the outback
Where things run wild
Lives little Charlie
The dingo child

Charlie in the out back

With teeth so sharp
And dingo growl
And eyes so wild
As he chews a towel

Chewing and redecorating

Over his family
Watches dingo Charlie
Over humans and cats
And his best bud Harley

Let's go in here, Jessie...

As fast as a 'roo
Charlie hunts his prey
And knocks it down
On the ground to lay

Down and pinned!

And chew its tail
And bite its feet
And never its food
To let it eat

Leave that kitty alone!

I can only hope
We survive these years
With dingo Charlie
And all our ears



Anonymous said...'re our hero!!!
the triplets

Anonymous said...

Hi Charlie,
I am just like you - a golden retriever puppy. We might even have the same birthday - mine is October 18th. I have done almost everything just like you except MY emergency trip to the vet was to remove the whole rawhide I swallowed when I saw Mom coming over to take it away. Sound familiar? Keep up those great puppy antics that make all of us Golden puppies so proud.

Charlie said...

Hey - that sounds just like me! At the vet we met a man whose yellow lab swallowed a tennis ball once. Mom winced when she heard it, but I don't plan to eat that. But then, me plan? I just go with how I feel.

My birthday's October 16, so we're almost the same age!