Saturday, February 12, 2005

Charlie Say's 'No'

Charlie had to go to the vet's this week for his puppy booster shots. He's been there before - - a few times for puppy shots and once for the mouse extraction. Everyone's always very nice to him, there are other dogs to see and bark at (if not nose around yet), and there's always a treat at the end.

This time, however, Charlie decided that enough was enough, and he refused to go in. Flat out refused. And no amount of leash tugging or cajoling or commanding made a bit of difference. So the 38 lb. pup had to be carried in.

I can't wait till he grows out of this, because at his 2 lbs a week rate of growth, there isn't going to be much more Charlie-carrying!

Charlie Angel


Splash said...

Charlie, maybe you should come see my vet. They are so nice. They have lots of nice cookies, and if you forget about self-respect and just beg for all you are worth, they give a bunch of them. YUM!

Charlie said...

No no, I won't go.
No no, I won't go...
... treats?
Bunches of treats?
I could rethink this.
- C