Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Back to Normal

There is balance in the universe. After 2 extra-special good dinner days, Charlie the Wild Dingo Dog emerged to test all the boundaries.

Cornering Jessie in the bathroom and doing who knows what to make her hiss and scream. Knocking down Harley and sitting on his head, then trying to drag him by his paw. And chewing on the humans who try to restrain or quiet him!

Charlie has more energy than the rest of the household combined. What a little hurricane!

Who me?

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Anonymous said...

Hello Charlie... My mom and I and Shadow just sat and read your blog, and we all agree that you have done a really good job for a young puppy. In the archives I found a picture of you eating corn on the cob. I hope you didn't learn how to eat corn on the cob from Harley. You will have to go to the vet again if you eat corn on the cob like he does! I hope I will meet you some day. We could eat chicken. It's better than corn anyway, and lots better than a catnip mouse. Shadow says tell you to please just stay home, he doesn't want to meet you at all, but I would still like to meet you. Love, Sake