Sunday, February 11, 2007


smoosh [ smŏŏsh ] verb (past and past participle smooshed, present participle smoosh·ing, 3rd person present singular smoosh·es)
1. transitive and intransitive verb push one's nose into another's face: to push one's cold wet nose into the face of a human being
· Charlie smooshed me · I've been smooshed
2. transitive and intransitive verb push one's nose at a small animal: to push one's nose into the back or side or stomach of a small animal (often a cat)
· Oh look, Charlie's smooshing Jessie; make him stop!
Jessie, about to receive a Christmas smooshing

snuz·zle [ snŭz'l ] transitive and intransitive verb (past and past participle snuz·zled, present participle snuz·zling, 3rd person present singular snuz·zles)
a Charlie kiss: to smoosh and lick someone in and around the face (often accompanied by sneezing at close quarters)
· Oooh, I'm being snuzzled, real darn good!


Deanna said...

Dakota is always smooshing cousin Dude! Dude doesn't seem to appreciate it. Must be a retriever thing...

Bruce the Bird Dog said...

You're a great smoosher...they also like it when you can curl your tongue like a tube and stick it in their ear. You're so lucky to live in Portland! Have you been to the Lucky Labrador? That place was pawsome!

Fu Fu said...

Hey Charlie, Valentine's day is coming. i think you'll be doing a lot of smooshing and snuzzling

~ fufu

Sherman said...

It's a good time for doing that.

Charlie - The Big Dog said...

I just cant get over how much we have in common Chuckles. Theres nothing as effective as a nice wet doggie sneeze in the face at point blank range is there :-)

sydney said...

oh yes I love to smoosh my cat gilbert in the toushie.... and he does not like it either.
and you bet nothing like a good sneeze in the face or a burp too.

Hammer said...

Hello Charlie

I think smooching is something us Gundogs just do naturally, especially us boys.

Love from your friend, Hammer

Liza said...

Charlie -

Somehow I missed this post. I laughed out loud when I read about the close quarters sneeze. Our golden Lucy used to do that all the time and I could never figure out why.

Dory and I really like your blogs and your videos alway give us a chuckle too. Good blogging!

Liza, Dory's human