Thursday, February 01, 2007

Charlie Antics

Why is there never a camera nearby when you really need one?

Yesterday Charlie and I were working in the backyard when the zoomies hit. You know, the tuck-tail, crazed-eyes, dash-around-the-yard ZOOMIES! So we took a break and zoomed. Or, more accurately, Charlie zoomed and I encouraged him, clapping and chasing.

Charlie has an old fabric frisbee that he and Gabbie tore the middle out of this summer. It's really more of a ring now, but it still sails fine, and Charlie loves to chase it. Well, I picked up his ring and sailed it, and Charlie zoomed after it. He grabbed it in his mouth, turned to start to run, and almost (but not quite) tripped -- he had put his paw in the middle of the ring, and, as it was caught on his forearm, he couldn't get that paw to ground without letting go of the ring. Which he wasn't going to do. He wouldn't let go and he wouldn't give up trying to run with it, either!

I finally rescued him, but not before I'd laughed myself silly. Just wish I'd had a camera!


sydney said...

oh charlie humans are so cruel!
you could have been seriously injured..... you don't have to let go just put it down on the ground and step out while you still have a hold of it... remeber that for next time friend,
thanks for commenting on my blog...
yah cats can be anoying!
I mean I can take so much and then thats it!
and you keep an eye on yours too.. you could "ring" him.... BOL!

Unknown said...

Hope u have enjoyed a lot with the zoomers!!

And hey, have a look a at this pet ecards

Günter said...

Fun story - a real shame that there wasn't a camera nearby. I guess you have instructed you folks to bring the camera next time..??

take care


Sherman said...

That happens all the time. It would be weird if you'll all of aa sudden had a camera near you when you needed one.

Tin Tin Blogdog said...

Hee hee hee,

zooomin' is so much fun, 'specially when the human isn't ready.

As for zoomin' humans?

I've seen that occasionally. Very, very scary...

Chow for now,

Tin Tin (who needs to lose 5 kilos, pah!) xo

Hammer said...

Hey Charlie

Your zoomin' sounds so much fun. We always do lots of funny stuff when mum doesn't have her camera. Then, she says 'I have to get my camera'. So we wait until she comes out with her camera, and then we all pretend we're not interested, and we just sit there and look at her.

I suppose it's a bit mean but it's fun for us.

Thank you very much for wishing me a Happy Birthday. I thought of you when we were on the beach. I did not mean to run away. There was a very nice young GSP lady who I chased after. My mum did not know and when I turned around she was not there, so I kept chasing the GSP. I'm glad my mum caught up with me though.

Love from your friend, Hammer

wally said...

hey charlie! thanks for stopping by my blog. that was so nice of you that i will even forgive you for rooting for the colts. i know it is punishment enough to have to live in indiana (i kid, i kid!)

enjoy the game AND the zoomies. i get the zoomies from time to time and i'm an old man.