Wednesday, February 28, 2007

And the winners are...

Charlie and Gabbie didn't win any FIDOs on Sunday, but they did come in second against some pretty stiff competition! Here are the winning videos:
   Funniest Video - Classic Tug of War - by Joey & Tanner
   Cutest Video - Zoomies - by Charlie & Opy

Video of the Year honors went to Pappy for Do They Know It's Christmas. And while we haven't linked you to all eight categories & winners, you can see them over here at Dogs with Blogs.

Play bows and best wishes to these and all of the FIDO winners. We look forward to wrestling with you again next year!!


Fu Fu said...

Hey Charlie, those were tough competition. But your videos are pretty good too. Better luck next time. :)

~ fufu

Hammer said...

Hello Charlie

I agree with Fu Fu .. tough competition, but your videos are so good.

Thank you for visiting my blog again.

Us Gundogs have to stick together !!

Look after yourself and keep being naughty, like us Gundogs are supposed to do.

Love from your Aussie mate, Hammer

Hammer said...

Hey Charlie

I forgot to say sorry for being so long in replying to your comment. We've had computer problems.

Love you, from Hammer

Sophie Brador said...

Hi Charlie, Sophie didn't win anything either, but then she wasn't entered in anything. Oregon is lovely! I used to drive down the west coast from Vancouver to LA ... a beautiful drive and my most favourite ever.