Sunday, June 04, 2006


Charlie is not often friendly with other dogs. When we tried to introduce him to Lefty, the two of them acted like dogs-from-hell, wanting to take each other apart.

And when sweet, imperturbable, best-friend-through-the-fence Ramsey came over, Charlie acted so ferocious, that Ramsey decided he would just go home, thanks all the same.

So we're grateful that Charlie and Gabbie have such a good time together!

They run and leap and play and bite and make dogs-from-hell faces. And then one lies down and the other lies down along-side.

It's good to have friends!


Anonymous said...

To Charlie,

How fun to have a new friend Charlie? I hope that you two go well for a very long time. I came to a new school and I have new friends too.

From Tomo

Charlie - The Big Dog said...

Hi Charlie,

Im glad you got a friend. Opy is my friend, but I would never tell her that, on the account of the girl germs and all:-)

Big Charlie

P.S. You have the Finest Name in all Puppydom:-)