Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Dog Cup Soccer

Charlie and Gabbie decided that humans shouldn't have all the fun. They want to play soccer, too!


Off the ball attacking

Dangerous play

Arguing with the ref... ?

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Charlie - The Big Dog said...

Hi Charlie Jnr,

Dog Soccer looks like fun - I had a jumbo tennis ball that I used to kick around - that was awesome. Until I bit it too hard one day and put my tooth through it. Its ok though, because now I can really get my chops around it. And its heaps of fun to run with it in my mouth, because it covers my eyes and I cant see where I am going:-)
I can break HEAPS of things that way:-)
Thanks again for your wishes and paw-prayers. Fatso is doing much better now. And I am sure she will be back making up stories about how un-cool I am real soon!


Love Charlie Snr