Sunday, April 24, 2005

The Vacuum Cleaner

Charlie is not a big fan of the vacuum cleaner. He alternately sniffs it, runs from it, and then works up his courage to attack it!

Checking it out

Working up courage. Scarieeeee....


Heidi said...

Dose tings are possessed by demons I kid you not. Be may get sucked up. I especially don't like my family's Roomba! Dat ting is crazy and it doesn't run away vhen I bark at it like da cats do!

L^2 said...

Hi Charlie,
We don't mind the vacuum Cleaner. We like to watch mom suck up the yellow fur we leave all over the house. Our vacuum cleaner even smells good--it smells like us now that it is full of our fur. :-)
But we understand how frightening they can be. Our cousin Talon HATES vacuum cleaners too! He runs for the back door every time it is brought out.
--Willow & Stella

Freda said...


You are so brave. I can sit by our vacuum is it isn't making that sucking sound, but once my humans turn it on I have to leave the room. Once upon a time I let my dad brush me with the brush attachment but the vacuum tipped over and hit my nose. Enough of that! So I guess it's Dad's fault that I don't like those suckers.


Unknown said...

I don't get near that thing and I won't until they show me what animal is inside.

And I can't believe Freda's guy actually tried to vacuum her fur! Maybe he was planning on hooking up a flowbee or something to cut her hair, don't know . . .