Saturday, April 30, 2005

Meeting Sammy's Mom

Tonight Charlie got to meet Sammy's mom. She was just as much fun as Charlie hoped she would be.


Pet me?

She petted him and slapped his nose and fed him treats. And she even made noises and played with him - it threw him into a barking frenzy, it was soooo fun!


Freda said...

It's always nice to meet and make new friends. The more the merrier!


Sam the black GSD said...

Hey Charlie -- Mom slaps my nose all the time too. I like it but she says you didn't like it that much. She really slaps Elsa around on the tummy and back and Elsa moans and begs for more! We're German Shepherds maybe that explains it. Mom says she has a great photo of you but she's having trouble with her computer -- camera connection. I think the best thing about being a dog is that we don't have to fool with computers. Mom is always saying bad words when she works on her computer.