Saturday, April 16, 2005

6 months and 66 pounds

Today Charlie is 6 months old! To mark the occasion, we started at the vet's, also known to Charlie as "You-Know-Who", for a weight check. 66 big pounds!

Then it was party time. Wahooo - doggies, off to PetSmart!! This was Charlie's first time there, and he was blown away. So many people to pet him! So many doggies to sniff! Dry puppy food scattered on the floor where a bag broke - just waiting to be eaten. And the manager assuring him that it was very fresh and all right to eat!! So fun and so distracting that Charlie took the treat given him by the cashier and then dropped it, uneaten, and forgot about it until mom reminded him.

What a tired and happy little dog he is now - crashed out in the hallway with his new chew, dreaming about his first birthday party!

Birthday dreams


Freda said...

Happy Birthday Charlie,

You now weigh as much as I do and I'm many years your senior, but we both look good.

When we lived in a big city I got to go to PetSmart. It was neat. Did you see any of those pretty things swimming around in those bright boxes? I don't think the girl there liked me. I left nose marks on the boxes. When I watch 'Nemo' it reminds me of my visits to PetSmart.


Splash said...


Happy Birthday! I'm glad you finally got to experience PetSmart, it is a great place isn't it?

Anonymous said...

PetSmart? You got to go to PetSmart ---where the fur mice live?????!!!! Lucky dog. They never takes us anywhere. hmmph.

the kittens

Anonymous said...

Wow! Charlie! It's Kayce the Golden Retriever here. You are SO much bigger than me. I am 6 months old today and weigh 46 pounds! Oh well, they say good things come in small packages - although Mom says that I am NOT good.

I go to PetSmart all the time because I go to puppy kindergarten there. Talk about FUN!

Happy Half Birthday to you and me.

Unknown said...

awesome Charlie. I was 60 lbs at 7 months and boy did I grow since then! Get ready to eat more and run more cause that's what happened to me. It's real fun too.