Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Over the weekend a friend came to visit with her daughter, Amalie. Charlie has met Amalie once or twice before, but we've never really allowed them to mix much for fear that he would overwhelm her.

Amalie, however, loves loves loves Charlie, so as the initial frenzy of company abated and Charlie quieted down, we let them mingle and ultimately engage in some supervised play.

It went better than I ever could have imagined! Amalie was wonderful with Charlie -- she understood when to pet him and when to back off, she knew how and when to tell him to "Stop" and "Sit," and she redirected him to his toys when he needed it. Charlie was great with her -- he listened, obeyed (mostly ;) ), and played nicely. I think they both had a blast!

The highlight of the play session was a rousing round of "Chase Charlie" (known by Amalie as "Chase the Charlie"). This is Charlie's absolute favorite game, and Amalie indulged him, chasing him around and around, through the kitchen and back through the living room, again and again. I don't know who had more fun -- Charlie, Amalie, or we onlookers!



Courtney said...

What fun! Charlie's picked up the most important part of a game of chase; a Golden MUST have something in their mouth while running to or from their playmate!

Penny's Mumma said...

Looks like a grand time was had by all!

Barbara said...

What is so cute is that Charlie actually believes he's running away from her and winning! What an adorable video!

Asta said...


I could tell wight away that you and Amalie got on wondewfully and she weally undewstood you
How wondewful to have such a lovely fwiend
smoochie kisses

Sophie Brador said...

Dogs and kids -- always adorable.


NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...

I'm furry jealous!

I'd like to play with Amalie and Charlie!

Thanks fur sharing!


Lacy said...

w00fs, wow, what a fun time...wish i had their energy..

b safe,

How Sam Sees It said...

I bet they both slept like logs! How nice for Charlie to have someone his size to play with!


Finn said...

I love the chase game! Looks like everyone had a great day!!

Amber-Mae said...

AWWW they both make such cute buddies! That is just so cute.

Lilli said...

Cute Amalie seems to be great with dogs! I bet they were both exhausted after all that running and playing :) It looks so much fun. I really miss that myself too.


Boondocks Love Shack Pack said...

Our family has four kids (ages 4-12) and four goldens. Momma says kids and dogs just go together! I'm glad Charlie made a new friend!


Rick said...

Charlie looks like he's having a great time. Who doesn't enjoy a game of chase?