Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Time for a Trim

I love Charlie's featherduster feet, but after watching him lose his footing today and almost fall off the terrace wall (when admittedly he was annoying a sun-lounging Pouncer, which he oughtn't to do and perhaps served him right...) I decided it was time to take action.

I'm no expert groomer, but I watched a couple of YouTube vids, got out my scissors, and we headed outside.

"You want to trim my paws? You and what army?!!"

Charlie, as you can see, was not too keen on the whole thing.

"Leave my paws alone."

He's all about being in "control" plus I think it must have tickled a little when I cut the underpaw fur.

The feathers are as long under the feet as on top of them!

Eventually, though, he relaxed in the sun and we got through it.

Trimmed and sure-footed!

I don't think I would ever be hired to do this, but fortunately Charlie agrees that it's more important to be able to catch the kitties than to wow them with your good looks!

"Where'd that Pouncer go?"



NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...

If Merdie were here, she'd feel Charlie's pain!

ME? Scissors near me? Are woo khrazy?

Looking GREat Charlie!


Lorenza said...

Glat you let her do it, Charlie!
Kisses and hugs

Noah the Airedale said...

These things just have to be done matie. Glad you got through it without gnawing your mums arm off hehe.

Noah x

The Musketeers said...

BOL. Cody hates it when sister trims his paw fur. he understand Charlie's pain. But fur your safety Charlie ! ;)

Kari in Alaska said...

sometimes you gotta do stuff they don't like in order to make their lives better!

Kristen Nelson, DVM said...

I think you look handsome with your trimmed paws Charlie. They make you look more refined.

1000 Goldens said...

Nice job Charlie's Mom :) Farley doesn't like his feet touched so we haven't had much luck in this area!

Ben said...

My brother Tiger is with you.
He sees the scissors or hairbrush come out and he runs.
But your feets do look cuter now.

Pipa said...

And let me tell you, Charlie-Golde-Boy, what a wonderful fur you have! :)



How Sam Sees It said...

As much as I love Sam's hairy toes, I love them when they are trimmed and cute too! Charlie looks very handsome!


KT and Easton said...

Hey Charlie, KT here, thanks for stopping by, nice to meet ya. What a cowinkydink; Lady got her paws trimmed by Mr. Alpha just yesterday. She rolls over on her back while being tickled and trimmed. She doesn't particularly like it, but tolerates it as a favor to me....she is such a sweety.

We found Lady when she was being fostered in Boring, OR. The rest is history and she is now with us in her fur-ever home.

Lots of Golden woofs.....KT and Lady

Ricky @ Big Dog Breeds said...

Love all your photos here! I am a dog lover too.

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central bark designs said...

Charlie -

You're "pedicure" looks great. My mom has not had the courage to do the same here - but I caught her checking out my own furry paws last night - and now she thinks she can handle it herself. Oh no!


Moco said...

We are just glad that the crazy old bat doesn't come at us with scissors. We might have to bite her.

Amber-Mae said...

Wow! You sue have very long feathering on your footies. My puppers had to get their footies trimmed for the show last week & they didn't enjoy it. I hate getting my feet trimmed too! It tickles.

Love licks & Hugs,
Solid Gold Dancer

Huskee and Hershey said...

Sigh... we hate it when our mom comes after our paws with the weapon (aka scissors and/or nail clippers).
The weather over at your end looks lovely!

Curt Rogers said...

Okay, okay, okay, I get it. It's time to trim Duncan's feathers. He tripped over nothing yesterday on our walk so I figure it's high time I get this taken care of. When can you be here to do it? :)

Moose said...

Wow those look like Clydesdale paws at first! Good job holding your mom's hand steady with your mouth while she was trimming. I bet she could not have done it with out you! That gave me a good chuckle! Hope you found the pouncer!

Rick said...

I could never do that. I have a difficult enough time putting medicine in their ears but a hair cut. I know mine are a handful. I don't know how the groomer does it.

The Luke said...

I am wif you, Charlie. And my the Mom can relate to pitcher number two!

I sure love my slippers, and it's clear you do too... but sometimes it's nice to run round in sneakers for a monf or two!

Yep. You are handsome boy, Charlie!

wif love from the Luke