Saturday, April 21, 2007

Red Rover, Red Rover, Send Gabbie Right Over!

Almost a year ago, Charlie met Gabbie. While Charlie's not always friendly with other dogs, he took to Gabbie right away, and she quickly became his best bud.

Over the year, Gabbie's grown and changed so much -- from a little (if you can call it that) puppy to an adult dog! And her relationship with Charlie has gradually changed, too. Whereas Charlie was the boss to begin with, as Gabbie has matured, she's become the dog calling the shots. Still, Charlie loves her and is never happier than when they're playing together.

So Charlie's very disappointed that, between the rain and Mom's "flower protection program" ;), he hasn't gotten to play with Gabbie for way too long! And, since this coming week Gabbie is going to have spay surgery, she won't be able to roughhouse with him for awhile longer.

If the weather cooperates, since the tulips are about gone, maybe they'll get to play together on Monday or Tuesday. And if not, we wish Gabbie the best of luck with her operation and hope to see her real soon! WOOF!!


Bella the Boxer said...

Ooooh, please don't share your "flower protection program" with my Mom, I don't want her to get any ideas!! I hope your friend Gabbie recuperates quickly so you have your playmate back.

xoxo - Bella

Freda said...

Hey Charlie,

Gabs is a cooools lookin' dog. And it certainly looks like you guys reeeallys like to play. Those flower protections programs are real bummers.

Tell Gabbie we, too, hope her body changin' operation goes well.

Do you twitter?



Sherman said...

Wow what a great pal. I personally I had such good friend.

Sophie Brador said...

Hey Chuck, You have your very own Cha Cha. Gabbie looks coolio! I love best friends. They're the most fun to play with.

Sunshade said...

Awwwww.... this is soo sweet. Maybe Charlie likes female babies? Maybe he wants a female STINKY???

(THAT was mum's idea, she made me put it in. I would suggest NO STINKY Charlie!)

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade