Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Grey Day

On this grey showery Portland day, Charlie's parked himself by the glass door in my office, where he'll stay as long as I do.

From here, on the 2nd floor, he can see what's happening on the streets and sidewalks below -- and we can tell who's passing by, based on what we hear...
  • grrrrr... - a person (perhaps with dog), a block away
  • grrrrr... Grrrr... GRRRRR... - person (perhaps with dog), coming closer
  • Woof! WOOF! - bicycle going by
  • grrr... GRRRR... WOOFFFFWOOFFgrrrrrWOOFFWOOFFwhineWOOFFWOOFFwhineWOOFF - dog sighted or skateboard passing
  • WOOFWOOFWOOF,gack,gack,grrrrWOOFWOOFWOOF,gack,GRRRWWWOOOOOFWOOFWOOFWOOF,gack,gack,grrrrWOOFWOOFWOOF! - The Mailman! Will he have a treat?

  • Hope it dries up soon so we can do a little lawn-mowing or else Charlie won't be tiptoing though the tulips, he'll have to wade through the grass.


    Unknown said...

    You humans don't even need a bark to typolator to understand Charlie!

    Can you teach my humans?


    Fu Fu said...

    Hey Charlie, you sure make a good security dog to alert your humans of any suspicious activity. :)

    ~ fufu

    Amber-Mae said...

    Oh it's raining heavily there too huh?! This is bad coz it's happening here too in Malaysia. Quite sickening actually coz I'm getting less walks & less play off-leash outside my house. Bloordy weather!

    Haha, I make the same growling sounds, whine & bark like you! Different whines, barks & growls for different people or things. Hahaha!!!

    P/S: Check it out! I'm on Dog's Choice Magz cover!

    Love licks,
    Solid Gold Dancer

    Sherman said...

    A lot of times when I'm looking out the window I smuge up the window with my nose.

    Sophie Brador said...

    Hey Charlie! Sophie does a similar thing. Her latest big massive woofing and grrring is a bike with a dog! People do that here all the time. I wouldn't dare. One cat sighting and I'd be eating my handle bars.

    Freda said...

    Hey Charlies,

    I do a lot fo that grrr... GRRRR... WOOFFFFWOOFFgrrrrrWOOFFWOOFFwhineWOOFFWOOFFwhineWOOFF stuffs, too. Dogs aren't suppose to walk in front of my house and Tule's dad still skateboards.

    Hope it drys out soons for you. I think you stole the fallin' water that we were suppose to have had.

    You must have quite a views.



    Sophie Brador said...

    Charlie, You are the most awesome beast! Check out my blog for more.....

    SuLee said...

    Charlie, you are sooooo cute! i own an Australian terrier -Pooky who's 20months old and a Labradoodle-Lex who's 4months old.

    Check out their cute pictures!

    Ferndoggle said...

    Charlie, we speak the exact same language! I didn't know I spoke Golden...cool!