Saturday, January 13, 2007

Play Day!

This morning, Charlie awoke to a wonderful surprise... Gabbie! She had come to spend the day while her mom skied.

We started them in the back yard, to play hard and work off some energy. Thus, sunrise found the duo racing and jumping and rolling and playing over the frozen ground!

By 8:30, they were tiring and quieting down a little, so we began letting them in the house. Although big, Gabbie is skittish and afraid of new things, so in and out and around she went for almost an hour, with Charlie close behind.

She had just begun to settle down, when Charlie began to pester Gabbie. First, he slowly walked over her. Then he turned to carefully drape his shaggy tail over her face, and then he leaned in to make sure she couldn't ignore him.

So back outside they went, for some more hard play.

After awhile, it was time for a little lunch and a serious indoor chew session.

Charlie finished first and then carefully watched Gabbie, waiting for an opening to move in and steal the chew. Gabbie, however, was extremely alert and careful not to give Charlie such an opportunity!

Then back outside again for a little terrace-jumping and kitty-hunting. And in again for a little doggie snooze.

So back and forth it went; sometimes outdoor play, sometimes indoor quiet time, but never leaving each other's side... all day long!

I'll bet they both sleep soundly tonight!


Cairo The Boxer said...

What a fun DAY!!! Can I come and play??

Charlie - The Big Dog said...

Hey Buddy,

Sounds like the perfect day! I wish I was there to share it with you!


Deanna said...

Wow, you two had a great time! Dakota only lasts for about 10 minutes of play, then she's pooped.

Heidi said...

Dat look s like a fun day! I think Gabby and Charlie are suited to each other. Hmmm is romance in the air?

Anonymous said...

Hey Chuck-Chuck,

Thank you soooo much for the great play day!


Hammer said...

Hey Charlie

You and Gabby sure look as if you had some fun today.

Re your question, come on down under !! Ask Fu Fu if he'll give you a ride in his mobile and he can play in the sand too. I'll show you all the beaches. I had so much fun. Once I got over my fear of the water, I was so excited, I ran helter skelter and I kicked sand in some people's faces but fortunately they laughed.

Love from your Aussie mate, Hammer

Sherman said...

It is always nice to have a play date.

sydney said...

ah play dates..... *sigh* I used to have a buddy come over too..... but he bit my human sister.... so mom said no way no more... he wasn't used to kids... it was cool though mom didn't blame him for it, she knew he just couldn't handle it. nice that you have a fun buddy who likes you!

Ben & Darling said...

HI handsome!

Anonymous said...

Oh how excellent! I want a play partner!!!! Hey! Hoomans! See this? I want one! I whine that other dogs can't come out and play when I walk.

(Dad: Yes, we know and are trying to get you to a bark park but it's just too darn hot atm).

Love and Licks,
Texas (and his humans).