Sunday, May 21, 2006

The Things We Do for Love

Since they've been getting along so well, this weekend when Charlie's friend, Gabbie the Bernese Mountain Dog, came to play, we put out some chews to spice up playtime.

Gabbie, who normally isn't very chew-oriented, immediately siezed a cigar-chew and ran around the yard, with Charlie close on her heels.

From time to time she would drop it, and then it would be Charlie's turn to take the chew and be chased.

But after awhile, things changed. Gabbie got tired and lay down for some serious chewing. Whenever Charlie approached her, she growled at him. And he, gentlemanly, backed off.

Gabbie's usual companion, Cody, rules the chews in her house. And, since Charlie has seemed so dominant when they play, we were all surprised to see him defer to her. Maybe Charlie isn't the absolute ruler we thought? Or maybe it's a case of puppy love...

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Unknown said...

Love can do strange things. After all it IS Spring!