Saturday, January 15, 2005

Entering the Teen Weeks - Taking Stock

Today Charlie is 13 weeks old. He's grown as well as grown up a lot in the last 5 weeks. He's learned to do all his business outside (and we take him out often to ensure success), to walk on a leash, and to come when he hears the special whistle.

Charlie loves to bite and chew. Sometimes he's able to control his urges and bite legal things

Legal chewing

but often those devil urges get the better of him.

Uh oh ... something bitey this way comes

Giving in to temptation

Even though he loves to chew, he doesn't waste time on it when he eats. Consuming calories is a very serious matter to Charlie!

Charlie is somewhat trustworthy for short periods by himself, although never with Harley, who won't protect himself

Charlie v. Harley

or Jessie, who would but has no front claws with which to do so

Supervised visit

or, for Charlie's sake, Pouncer, who has what it takes and the will to use it

Pouncer & Charlie

or food on a table he can reach.

There must be calories here somewhere...

When he's at home unsupervised, Charlie stays puppygated in the bathroom. He doesn't like it, though, and barks his head off. Fortunately, unlike his sister Sophie, he still can't get over the gate.

In the slammer

So, Happy Birthweek, Charlie! May your teens be even more fun and educational!!


Unknown said...

Wow, I remember when I was in my teens, what a great time of investigating and finding out things. That's so cool you get to go with your human to the pub. When my human stayed in Paris for a few months, he saw that people took dogs to the cafes all the time - even inside! Hopefully we'll find a pub that's dog friendly this summer so I can sit on the patio with my best friend.

Happy Birthweek Charlie!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Charlie! Being a teenager is sooo fun. Watch out though, if your human invites you for what promises to be another fun car ride, but ends up at the vets..and leaves you there! Our least favorite words (replacing "no!" and "off the counter") have now become "this is for your own good."
Older, wiser and still moving a bit stiffly,
the three little kittnens

(a.k.a. the triplets of Yakima)