Thursday, January 06, 2005

Charlie's New Legal Toy

Charlie has a new legal toy. One that he likes even better than his ex-mouse - a basted braided chew! Ymmm!

Charlie and braid

He is completely engrossed by this yummy treat - a very rare thing for Charlie who is almost always on the move. It's better than bugging Harley. It's better than chasing Jessie. It's even better than going for a walk! Obviously he's attracted to its potential food value. Now if he can just keep mom busy while he devours the whole thing.

I can see already that he's only going to have limited visits with the chew. Within an hour he's really made progress. But then, what else to expect from a 12-week old who's chewed one end off a puppy nylabone in just 2 weeks. That boy's got teeth!!

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