Thursday, October 06, 2011

Charlie, the Supervisor

Over the last few weeks we've had sewer reconstruction going on in front of our house. Fortunately, Charlie has supervised every second... except for a couple of instances that involved jackhammering and earth tamping -- and, frankly, who WOULDN'T hide under the desk under those circumstances?

"Momma, what's that big saw doing to our sidewalk!?"

"Maybe they need a big dog to help them dig!"

"Yeah, no Barking, I mean "P"arking...


Rick said...

Lucy, Sable, & Joe know all about that street digging with the drought this year in TX. How's a dog suppose to sleep in that racket?
Charlie! You didn't leave your paw prints in that concrete did you?

Meeka said...

What's taking them that long to finish the construction? If they had dogs digging, they would have been finished within a week.