Saturday, November 10, 2007

Charlieball - The Finer Points

Gabbie has become so much bigger and stronger than Charlie, that she easily strips the ball from him. Right out of his mouth. Consequently, he is having to learn to play smarter. And, seeing as how Indiana is the "Land of Basketball" and is where Charlie was born, he seems to have adopted some basketball moves - namely dribbling, picks, and spins.

The dribble is Charlie's tease -- he takes the "ball" (usually a Cuz) near Gabbie and briefly drops it and retrieves it. If he's lucky, it bounces and he catches it. In any case, it causes Gabbie to lunge for it.

Then there is the pick. A basketball "pick" is a screen -- one player plants himself in place and his teammate with the ball cuts past him so closely that a pursuer has to break off chase to avoid running into the (planted) player. I don't set a pick intentionally, Charlie just treats me as a permanent one. He grabs the ball and whooshes right past me, Gabbie hurtling after. To avoid running into me (which, fortunately, she does), she has to veer off. This gives him a little breathing room... for a little bit.

But, by far, Charlie's best go-to move is the spin. Ball in mouth, he pivots around her, blocking Gabbie with his body. This is almost always successful, almost always good for keeping Gabbie at bay awhile... at least until he gets dizzy.
The spin

Staving off

The inevitable


Anonymous said...

I was born in Indiana too. Some things we know just be instinct, like the finer points of basketball.

Lizzy said...

Hehe. You two sure love to play together, eh? Great pictures!


Lorenza said...

Hi, Charlie
Sure Gabbie is bigger now! Sure you must be smart to win the game!
Good moves!
I sent my picture to Opy but seems like she did not get it. I re-send it today!
Enjoy your weekend

Unknown said...

Hi, My dog's name is also Charlie, he is a bernese. I love your blog and would love to exchange links, my blog is



ChaChi Lu said...

So sneaky! You look like you are having fun!

~chaChi Lu

ChloƩ said...

Hi Charlie!!! I like so much your picture, your are so cute...

Love, Chloe

Thor and Jack said...

It´s great to see Gabbie and you playing, Charlie. You have lots of fun! Gabbie is a great friend!


Sophie Brador said...

Oh Charlie, Is she sitting on you in that last picture? You are so lucky to have a friend like Gabbie, even if she does sit on. Consider it a sit of endearment. tee hee


Agatha and Archie said...

Ah the old pick and roll!! Now you're talking!!! We know all about basketball(PL1+@ are great fans) and they miss the days of the great Larry Bird......Boston still thanks you for that!!!! You look like you have some FABULOUS moves!!!!! Love A+A(have you considered the Celtics??)

Kerrio said...

Great pictures Charlie, but it looks like you need to bone up on some more sly techniques to keep your winning edge :-)

Anonymous said...

Watch those AirBud movies, that dog has some moves!! Maybe you can get some strategy from him.

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Kien said...

Oh Gabbie sure grow bigger!.. is ok Charlie.. i guess u guys make a great pair.. heheh..


Helios said...

I do the spin too! And I also bang with my butt.

Unknown said...

HEY! You are my BROTHER! Mr. Sims just told us that you had a!

I would love to exchange pics - WE LOOK A LOT ALIKE!

EMAIL dad at



Sunshade said...

Air-Bud really need to make a Basketball movie, and you know who the star is gonna be when they do make it!!!

It's nice to be back lil' Chuck! I've missed my friends so much.... thanks for dropping by!

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Randi said...

You guys know how to play ball! All sneaky & quick with your moves too! WOW..I could learn a lot from you two..or maybe I could be the referee...I like to be mouthy & let people know my opinions..

Love & Licks,

Amber-Mae said...

Gabbie is definitely bigger than you but you two always have the best play time together!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Caz and Ludo the cool dude said...

poor you it looks like lot of wrestling in the last pic. I know how you feelBramble does it tom all the time.