Thursday, August 30, 2007

Camper Dog

We just returned from a short RV-sail-tent-camping trip east up the Columbia River. Charlie went in the "Chuck" wagon, i.e. the RV, and we met up with others who traveled by sailboat and car.
Charlie and Jessie in the "Chuck"wagon.

Our first stop was in Cascade Locks, where locks once operated to enable Oregon Trail pioneers to bypass the rapids there. Charlie had a good time exploring everywhere -- around the locks, on Thunder Island, through the Marine Park... you name it and Charlie sniffed it.
Then on to Horsethief Lake, a little oasis of a park carved out of the eastern Washington desert along the Columbia River. Charlie's favorite part was the shady grassy lawns and wandering by the lake; mine was the petroglyphs. And we both appreciated not seeing any of the rattlesnakes we'd heard about.
Tracker dog

Charlie and the petroglyphs

The last, and the best, stop was at Maryhill State Park, where Charlie learned to his surprise that perhaps he is a water dog after all. He wasn't ready to actually swim yet, but he had a blast wading in up to his stomach.

--- Water video above ---

He had such a good time that he wanted to be outside all the time -- the only way I got him in a couple of times was my superior strength. And a couple of treats.


Sophie Brador said...

Oh man, Charlie. I want to live in Oregon. It looks so beautiful.
But more importantly, what is your secret with cats. I just don't get it. I try to be all cool and collected around them, but it's like my body takes over and I become all stupid and barky and picky-uppy. Did you know that cats are not keen on being picked up? Well, how was I supposed to know that? I just wanted to see what a cat felt like. I hardly needed the hissing and scratching. Man. Any tips?

Randi said...

Hi Charlie! Ver pleased to meet you! Thats so cool you can travel in an RV! My dad wants one, that way I can go on all the vacationss too! Your blog is pawsome & I love the video of you eating corn on the cob!
Love & Licks,

Lorenza said...

Hi, Charlie
Chuck wagon?? Sounds awesome!
I am sure you had great time there!
Looks like you are telling something to Jessie in that picture!
I'll be waiting for your video.
Have a nice day

Cleo said...

Chuck wagon - you mean Charlie Wagon?

Oh its a dog's life....! My dogs would love this.

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Cool Chuck Wagon you have there Charlie. :)
Your camping trip looks fun

~ Girl girl

Amber-Mae said...

Oh, your camping trip looks sooo fun! Wish I was there to join you. hehe

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Hammer said...

Hi Charlie
You're so gentle being nice to Jessie the way you are. I'm sure glad you didn't meet any snakes either. I'm too stoopid to know a snake because I've spent my whole life as a show dog until I came to my mum. My mum worries about me all the time but I'm starting to slowly understand. Life is sitting out in the open air right beside your mum, isn't it.
Love from Hammer

Freda said...

Hey Charlies,

Looks like a cooools trip in the Chuck Waggin'. And I do means cooools. What funs. Who had a betters time, you or the peeps?

∆≈ was up theres when he was a pup in a galaxy fars, fars away. He still remembers how purrdy, I mean pretty it is.

Thanks for the photos.



P.S. Some 1,2 1,2 one looks WAY too relaxed!

Anonymous said...

Hey Charlie! You have been having a lot of fun I see! I would love to see you wading about in the water. I can't say I would join you but I bet you had fun.

Glad you liked my poo paws. I am such a stinky cat! Thats why you like me, right? hah hahaha


Haley the Fabulous Ball-loving Black Lab said...

Amazing the petroglyphs. You look so cool just hanging out. I think someone should carve your likeness into one of those rocks so that in the far reaching will be seen as some god-dog like being.


Kien said...

Hmmm.. ok, am getting jealous now.. that sound so much fun n relaxing..


Bella the Boxer said...

An RV-sail-tent-camping trip!? Isn't Oregon just PAWSOME?

xoxo - Bella

Lizzy said...

Hey Charlie, I nominated you for the Dogs with Blogs photo of the month!